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Treeline Terrains
Jacob Freedman

Inspired by their shared love of skiing in Vermont, Treeline Terrains founders Jacob, Nathaniel, and Alex searched for a creative way to capture their outdoor winter experiences. Using satellite mapping technology, they brought their idea to the wood shop to create a perfectly accurate 3D model of the mountain. The carving detailed each slope, trail, and descent where the friends had shared many winter days.

Today, Treeline Terrains captures the topography of the places you love in wood-carved art. Each work celebrates place-based experiences, such as a father and son hiking trip in Montana, a beloved family campsite in Maine, or a motorcycle trip in Baja, California. Every carving uniquely captures the place where memories were made.

We craft each carving in our Monkton, Vermont workshop. Each work of art marries modern technology with traditional woodworking. Locally-sourced cherry, maple, and walnut enhance a sense of place, bringing a piece of nature into your home.

Treeline Terrains
1599 Monkton Road
Apt C
Monkton, VT 05443


Contact: Jacob Freedman
Phone: (802) 214-2545